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First Visit

Here at Lindsey Orthodontics, we provide orthodontic care to children, teens, and adults. We truly feel as though patients of all ages deserve an amazing smile, so we proudly offer a variety of treatments that tailor to your wants and needs.

In an effort to give you a solid understanding of what your initial, complimentary appointment at your Peachtree City orthodontist entails, we have broken this visit’s timeline down for you. We believe that your initial visit is one of the most exciting visits, and after reading about it, we hope that you feel the same way!

Initial Visit To Your Griffin & Locust Grove Orthodontist

In order to make your first visit as convenient as possible, we ask that you prepare for your appointment by printing and filling out patient forms beforehand.

One of our goals is to make every patient feel comfortable right from the get-go. We will happily provide patients with an office tour, showing you through our lobby, brushing area, treatment area, and more.

From there, Dr. Lindsey will carefully examine your teeth and complete a clinical diagnosis that states the nature of the problem. He will then come up with options for treatment. Of course, he will carefully weigh in optimal treatment timing, cost, and other relevant factors. We encourage the first visit to be an open discussion of treatment options. We also encourage patients and parents to ask any and all questions they may have.

Towards the end of the visit, we will be providing you with a written summary that outlines the following:

  • The clinical diagnosis
  • A detailed orthodontic treatment plan
  • Goals of orthodontic treatment
  • Estimated fees

Again, we really do encourage you to ask questions, and Dr. Lindsey and the team are happy to address any concerns you may have. We truly value open communication between the doctor and patient, and we can assure you that we will always provide you with all necessary information to make an informed decision about you or your child’s orthodontic treatment.

Questions? Contact Us!

If you are ready to claim your complimentary appointment, we encourage you to use our online appointment request form. If you have further questions about what to expect during your first visit, please feel free to give us a call.

Dr. Lindsey and the entire team at Lindsey Orthodontics are looking forward to meeting you on your visit to our Griffin or Locust Grove, GA orthodontics office.