Braces in Griffin, GA

Braces in Griffin, GA
Posted on 01/05/2022

Braces treatment is the most effective and efficient way to straighten teeth, but even then it can still feel like it takes a long time, especially when you add the retention phase of treatment into the equation. Patients in Griffin, GA are achieving wonderful results with braces at Lindsey Orthodontics, and retention is a very important part of the process. Find out why wearing a retainer is necessary after braces.

What is Retention?

Retention is the final phase of orthodontic treatment, where the results you achieve with expanders, braces, or both are made to last. It may be hard to believe, but after your braces come off, your teeth can sometimes start to shift back into their old positions, ruining the results you have invested time, effort, and money to achieve. Retention counteracts this tendency, using gentle pressure to hold the teeth in position just a bit longer, so the results are locked in and last a lifetime.

Wearing a Retainer

The retention phase of treatment requires the patient to wear a retainer, which applies the pressure necessary to hold the teeth in their new positions. There are a few different kinds of retainers, including clear plastic aligners that resemble Invisalign, and wire retainers with plastic arches that rest against the palette. Retainers may be worn on the top or bottom, usually, both, and treatment time varies from patient to patient.

Your orthodontist will instruct you to either wear your retainers all the time, or only at night, depending on your needs, and this phase of treatment can last between 4 months and a year. Just remember, this is the final stage that guarantees your results will really last, and that you won’t have to undergo more phases of treatment later in life.

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