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Posted on 03/23/2021

Dental fillings are an essential tool for preventing tooth decay and stopping cavities before they become serious, so it's important that you know when you need to see an orthodontist in Griffin GA to get a dental filling. Here at Lindsey Orthodontics, your local expert in orthodontics and braces in Locust Grove, we do everything we can to protect our patients' teeth and build healthy smiles, but sometimes a dental filling is necessary to fortify your teeth or to remove a cavity. Here are some easy signs you can look for so you can know when you need a dental filling!

Signs To Look For

Whether you are looking for an orthodontist in Griffin, GA, or if you are already a patient with us here at Lindsey Orthodontics, knowing how to spot a filling is essential for catching cavities early and preventing decay. Here are the primary signs you should look for:

  • Aches or Pains

    If you feel a throbbing ache or any kind of pain emanating from a particular tooth, you should stop by your local orthodontist in Griffin, GA to get it checked out.
  • Sensitivity To Pressure

    If your tooth feels particularly sensitive to pressure, cold, or touch of any kind, that may be a sign that your tooth has a cavity.
  • Visible Marking or Hole

    If you investigate a hurting tooth or if you simply notice that your tooth has a dark mark or hole that a toothbrush does not remove, schedule an appointment with your orthodontist immediately.
  • Frayed Floss

    If a particular area of your mouth consistently frays floss when you floss between those teeth, that may be a sign of a cavity that needs to be removed with a filling.

Visit Your Local Orthodontist in Griffin, Ga

Here at Lindsey Orthodontics we provide orthodontic care, Invisalign, and braces in Locust Grove and Griffin, GA, and our mission is to keep our patients' teeth strong and straight. One of the best ways to do this is by preventing decay and catch cavities early. While we can provide fillings and orthodontic care, only you can get yourself to the dentist for a checkup and tooth cleaning! Regular checkups will keep your teeth healthy and allow us to remove any decay that you may have built up. Contact Lindsey Orthodontics today to learn more about fillings or to schedule an appointment!

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