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img_damon_03At Lindsey Orthodontics, we believe everyone deserves a healthy smile they feel proud to show off in any situation. As a leading orthodontic practice serving the Locust Grove & Griffin, GA areas, we're proud to provide a variety of high-quality orthodontic treatments to patients of all ages. In addition to traditional braces and alternative treatments like Invisalign, we're excited to offer Damon Braces to our patients – a new type of braces that come with a number of distinct advantages.

What Are Damon Braces?

Damon braces are a new type of braces that use a special, self-ligating "tie-less" bracket. These brackets attach directly to the archwire without the need for elastic ties, allowing the archwire to move naturally within the bracket. Damon braces never have to be "tightened," are gentle on teeth and tissue, and can speed up tooth movements to help you achieve a new smile faster than ever before.

Clinically Proven Advantages

The Damon System is the next generation of braces, employing advancements in technology to create an orthodontic treatment system that's more effective and convenient than braces, but just as reliable. When you choose treatment with Damon Braces, you'll get to take advantage of all the following benefits:

  • Faster Treatment: Damon brackets can slide along the archwire, allowing for more precise pressure and faster tooth movement.
  • Memory Shape Wires: Damon braces use high-tech archwires that move teeth quickly and require fewer adjustments.
  • A Balanced Approach: The Damon System uses a unique philosophy focused on creating a beautiful smile overall, taking into account your unique facial profile and how your smile will age with you.
  • Unmatched Comfort: Because Damon brackets don't use elastic ties, they're smoother than traditional braces and provide a more comfortable treatment experience.

Types of Damon Braces

Damon Braces come in a number of specific subtypes, and each form has its own advantages. Dr. Lindsey will work with you to choose the ideal treatment for your unique situation.

Damon® 3 Brackets

Made from a combination of stainless steel and a clear composite material, the Damon 3 bracket is the perfect combination of comfort, convenience, and performance. Using self-ligating technology for improved tooth movement, the Damon 3 bracket allows you to achieve a better smile faster, all while improving your comfort through a rounded design. Damon 3 brackets offer a great all-around mix of performance and convenience, providing an excellent treatment option for almost any patient.

Damon® 3MX Brackets

Damon 3MX brackets combine all the advantages of the Damon System with a solid stainless steel body for truly unmatched reliability. Damon 3MX brackets are equipped to treat even the toughest orthodontic cases, and they offer a variety of distinct advantages to patients:

  • Self-ligating technology means less friction and faster treatment
  • Metal-injection molded construction, allowing for smoother corners and increased comfort
  • Modular design allows for hooks and other auxiliary devices, providing a flexible option for treating any bite problem
  • Extremely durable and ready to treat the most severe orthodontic cases conveniently

Damon® Q Braces

img_damon_02Damon Q combines the latest medical advances into the revolutionary Damon System, providing a treatment option with unmatched convenience and reliability. Damon Q brackets provide the same self-ligating technology and functional design as other Damon brackets, making them ideal for treating virtually any orthodontic condition, and their rounded design makes them even more comfortable during treatment. Plus, Damon Q brackets are constructed to be as small as possible, improving both comfort and aesthetics without sacrificing treatment capability.

Damon® Clear Brackets

Damon Clear brackets put all the advantages of the Damon System into a bracket constructed entirely from a clear, composite material, providing a treatment system that's as beautiful as it is functional. Damon Clear brackets blend in with teeth, providing an aesthetically appealing treatment option that won't stick out in photos or daily life, and the unique Polycrystalline alumina (PCA) body is resistant to stains from coffee, mustard, red wine, and other foods and drinks. With Damon Clear brackets, you can overcome any bite problem without needing to sacrifice your appearance – and you'll still take advantage of all the unique features the Damon System has to offer.

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Damon braces offer an improvement to the time-tested formula of traditional metal braces, giving you an option that's both reliable and convenient no matter what orthodontic condition you're dealing with. And if you're ready to find out how orthodontic treatment can help you achieve a gorgeous new smile, the team at Lindsey Orthodontics would be thrilled to help! Contact us today with any questions or schedule a consultation online to get started. Working together, we'll help you achieve the smile of your dreams and make it last a lifetime!