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Posted on 07/04/2022

As there are many ways to straighten teeth, the best option is one chosen by an orthodontist who examines the individual for the best treatment possible. 
We at Lindsey Orthodontics love to deliver nice smiles. By giving our patients personalized service, we offer several pain-free options for great teeth at any age. If you have questions about improving your smile or addressing an oral problem, call us today. Braces are one way to have a pleasing smile. However, there are many options available to our patients who wonder which treatment is the best. Here, we will cover the benefits and challenges of wearing traditional metal braces.

Looking at the Pros and Cons of Traditional Braces


  • Most effective for complex orthodontic matters. If you have large gaps between your teeth, overcrowding, or a noticeable overbite, this method provides better results than aligners.
  • Orthodontic bands come in a variety of colors. Patients of all ages sometimes enjoy making their tin grin a fun experience.
  • Easier to make the commitment. Since the orthodontist is the only one who can remove the braces, there's no worry about replacing trays.
  • In some cases, traditional metal braces cost less than aligners. While this varies with each patient and their insurance, braces are the cheaper option.


  • Requires routine optometrist visits every few weeks. These visits are short and with Lindsay Orthodontics we make your visit as painless as possible.
  • May have to be worn for years. On average, the duration is two years but severe cases may be longer.
  • Cannot eat hard or sticky foods. Maintenance, such as regular brushing, prevents tooth decay. Therefore, it's best to limit eating starchy or sugary foods.

Schedule an appointment today if you suffer from teeth overcrowding, jaw misalignment, or other matter. We believe in delivering the best smiles to all of our patients who visit this Griffin & Locust Grove Orthodontist. Braces have been around for more than a century and are proven to result in a great smile.

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