Types of Braces

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At Lindsey Orthodontics, our patients are our number one priority. We strive to provide effective, convenient orthodontic treatment, helping every patient achieve a beautiful, healthy smile that lasts a lifetime. Dr. Lindsey and our team of orthodontic specialists work hard to customize treatment to suit our patients' lifestyles, and we foster a warm, welcoming office environment so every visit is a pleasant experience. We know that every patient is different, and we're proud to offer a variety of orthodontic braces to suit our patients' needs.

About Orthodontic Braces

Traditional Metal Braces.Despite alternatives like Invisalign that have entered the market in recent years, traditional orthodontic braces are still the most popular treatment we offer. Braces are fixed appliances – they're bonded to the teeth with dental cement, and they aren't removed until the active phase of treatment ends. This is in contrast with removable appliances like Invisalign, which can be taken in and out freely. Both fixed and removable appliances can create a beautiful smile, but generally, fixed appliances are necessary when a patient needs more extensive treatment.

Types of Braces
Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces are what most people picture when they hear the word braces. Made from stainless steel, these are composed of metal bands that wrap around the rear molars, brackets cemented to the front of teeth, and a thin, springy archwire running through the brackets. Metal braces are the oldest treatment in orthodontics, but also the most reliable, and they offer a durable, cost-effective, and versatile option for patients in need of orthodontic treatment.

Ceramic (Clear) Braces

Ceramic Braces.Ceramic braces, or clear braces, work much the same as traditional braces: they use a system of brackets and wires to move the teeth. The difference is that instead of stainless steel, the brackets of ceramic braces are made from a clear, ceramic composite material that blends in with the teeth. This makes them significantly more discreet than metal braces, making them a favorite with adult orthodontic patients. While ceramic braces offer a significant aesthetic advantage, they're also slightly more fragile than metal braces and a bit more expensive. Finally, while the brackets themselves will never stain, the clear elastic tie that holds the wire in place may stain between checkup appointments.

Lingual Braces

Lingual Braces.Lingual braces are the only form of orthodontic treatment that's completely invisible. Once again, they use the same fundamental mechanics as traditional braces – the difference this time is that the brackets are mounted to the inside (tongue side) of the teeth! This makes lingual braces completely invisible when the mouth is closed, providing the most discreet orthodontic treatment on the market.

That said, lingual braces aren't for everyone. They take longer to get used to than traditional braces and are also significantly more expensive. In some cases, they may also take longer to move the teeth. However, if you're a patient looking for the absolute least visible orthodontic treatment available, lingual braces can't be beat.

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