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A beautiful smile is not just about straight and white teeth but also about having a proper bite. Unfortunately, around 75% of the population suffers from malocclusion - a term used to describe bite issues. Malocclusions can affect daily life and can also pose long-term health risks. We will discuss the most common bite issues and the various treatment options available to correct them. We offer a personalized care approach at Lindsey Orthodontics, an Orthodontist in Griffin GA, to ensure every patient receives the best treatment possible.



A lower jaw underbite happens when the lower front teeth protrude beyond the upper jaw. This occurs because the lower jaw extends further than the upper jaw, which can cause speech problems, difficulty chewing, and uneven tooth wear. Underbites are more common in males and can lead to long-term health issues like TMJ disorder and sleep apnea. Treatment options include braces, headgear, and in severe cases, surgery. Wearing braces can correct the alignment of the teeth and jaw, while headgear can help modify jaw growth. Surgery is considered only as a last resort.

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The upper jaw overbite occurs when it extends too far forward, causing the upper teeth to overlap the lower teeth. This can cause cosmetic concerns and difficulties in biting and chewing. Overbites are more common in females, leading to headaches and jaw pain over time. Treatment options include braces and functional appliances, such as bite correctors and chin cups. Braces are the most effective treatment for overbites, and functional devices are used in specific cases to modify jaw growth.



A crossbite happens when one or more teeth on the upper jaw rest inside the set of teeth on the lower jaw. This misalignment can affect your bite and may require attention to ensure proper dental health. Crossbites can lead to asymmetrical jaw growth, uneven tooth wear, gum disease, and other periodontal problems. Treatment options include braces, expansion appliances, and, in some cases, tooth extraction. Braces are the most common way to correct crossbites, while expansion devices widen the jaw and correct the alignment of the teeth.

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Upper Front Teeth Protrusion

Upper front teeth protrusion occurs when the upper teeth extend too far forward, creating a prominent overbite. This can cause difficulties in speaking, biting, and an unattractive smile. Treatment options include braces and headgear. Braces can help straighten the teeth, while headgear can modify the growth of the jaw.



Crowding occurs when the jaw has insufficient space for the teeth to develop properly, causing teeth to push against each other. This can cause uneven tooth wear and increase the risk of periodontal problems. Braces are the most common crowding treatment; tooth extraction may be necessary in severe cases.



Spacing occurs when there are gaps between teeth or when the teeth are small in proportion to the jaw. Spacing can also occur as a result of missing teeth. This can cause food to get trapped, increasing the risk of gum disease. Treatment options include braces and dental implants.

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Malocclusions can significantly impact an individual's quality of life, hampering their capacity to articulate, chew, and express joy through a smile. While Invisalign and specialized orthodontic devices are the most common treatments, some cases require surgery for effective correction.

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If you have common bite problems, seek early intervention from a qualified orthodontist like Dr. Lindsey to prevent or reduce the severity of bite issues. Never underestimate the transformative power of a vibrant and self-assured smile. Its influence on your life can be truly remarkable. Contact Lindsey Orthodontics today to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward a beautiful, functional smile.


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